Thursday, August 28, 2008

now showing

First of all I have to thank two of my friends for coming over and spending their entire night (missing out on seeing their husbands and child) to help me put together our profile book! I would still be sitting at the table in tears if I hadn't had them here. I owe you big time and if this match takes place I owe you even bigger!
Our profile was overnighted last night. It got there around 9am this morning! The caseworker took it to the birthmom sometime today. Nerves have set in, this is so wild. So much for planning and having months to prepare a letter and a book! Now we wait. I don't know how long it will be, but I'm sure she will call us either way to let us know.
So tonight is Parent Night at school, tomorrow the McCain rally and other fun things this weekend to keep us busy and our mind off of this craziness.
Our first showing! I better mark this date down! I'll keep everyone posted!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OMG! here we go.....

Today ended up being a whirlwind! I got call from the adoption agency at around 2pm and since I was in the classroom I didn't answer (boss was there). All I kept thinking was, " Please don't say our check bounced!" Well, our check cleared and there is a birthmom who is being very particular. She has looked at all the waiting families and doesn't like any of them. She keeps saying, " I will know when I see it.". So the agency is now letting her look at newbies. This means I have to whip up a profile book and have it in their hands, in Florida, by FRIDAY! I thought I was going to have months to make this thing! Instead I spent a few hours tonight writing the most important letter of our lives! I didn't receive much information, just that she meets our parameters and we meet hers. She is due Dec. 31st. Please pray for my ability to stay calm these next few days and to realize that this is a process. I pray that if this is our child, the mother will know when she sees our faces and reads our story. That is all I can hope for.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

application day

Here we are, mailing off our application! We decided to go to UPS because when we first moved here we had a mailbox at this store and every time we go in we have the same girl that helps us. So we had to take a picture with our UPS Lady! I do have to point out that this day last year we got the negative result of our second IVF. Exactly one year later ( on my Grandma's 85th birthday) we started a new hopeful and exciting journey!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

one smart move

When we first got married, Greg and I would make stupid uneducated decisions. After one bad car purchase, we have learned our lesson! Flying to Florida this week and doing the interviews was definitely a smart move! We interviewed three different agencies. Liked them all, but loved two of them. When we left I thought I knew which one we would choose, but my mind changed when we got down there. I was so impressed and felt very comfortable with the agency in Tampa , that we have decided to use them to grow our family! Of course each agency has pros and cons. This agency advertises a longer wait. I thought that would really bother me, but after leaving the office I started to think of that wait in a positive way. Longer time to save the cash, time to take our trip to Europe (that he has been wanting to do for years), and time for me to finish the school year without being interrupted. However, we all know that things will happen when they are suppose to happen. So today I am filling out the application, writing the first of many checks, and deciding on who will do our homestudy! We are buckled up and ready for the ride!

On another note, I just want to tell Patti, Tom and Kayla, thank you again for letting us come and go! We love you guys and value your friendship more than you know. I really hope you are still in Tampa when we finally bring home our baby!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Greg stopped me in the room last night and said he is nervous. I thought he meant for his new job, but he was talking about our trip. It is becoming more real and I am sure when we sit and talk to these agencies it is going to be very real! No stopping now, we are packing the bags tonight and will be on our way tomorrow! I pray that we come back with a decision made and that we feel really good about it!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

all aboard!

Fertility treatments were one roller coaster; I've heard adoption is just as fun! So we are stepping up and ready to board the new roller coaster ride! Greg and I are leaving next Saturday to fly to Florida to interview a few agencies. Why Florida? Well they have some of the best adoption laws and they do out of state placements. This is very important to us, since we know we won't always live here. That way when we move we won't have to start all over with a new agency and lose the time and money spent on one here. Since Greg deployed in 2006, we have fallen in love with the Tampa area. I don't know why, it just as soon as we land there, I am happy. I've felt drawn there since then and maybe now I know why. Maybe our child is there waiting for us? At least that is what I am telling myself. I am very excited to take this step, as small as it might seem, it is the beginning of our new journey. A journey that actually has a happy ending.