Wednesday, December 8, 2010

you are ONE

My Sweet Boy,
Today you are 1! It feels like yesterday when your birthdad called to tell me you had been born, five weeks early! Daddy was at work in Afghanistan and I was at home in Ohio asleep. I booked the earliest flight to Seattle. I had just parked my car when your birthdad sent me a picture of you. It was very surreal seeing this tiny baby and knowing he was going to be our son. After so many years of heartache¸ you were here, the child that was meant for us. Cormick, you have been our blessing, our miracle and my saving grace. In just 12 short months you have brought joy back into my heart. You have grown from this tiny preemie baby who slept all the time to a very active little boy! Your smile lights up a room and everyone always comments on what a happy baby you are.   I wouldn’t trade staying home with you for anything in the world. It’s such a privilege to watch you explore and learn and grow each day. We have so much fun together.
God brought you to us at the most perfect time. What could have been a very sad year for us, turned out to be the best year of our lives. All because of you.
Today we celebrate you and your birthparents. Their decision to choose life and adoption brought us you; the most precious gift! I am so excited to see how much you learn and continue to love life this next year. Daddy and I never take for granted one single moment with you. You are our everything!
 Happy First Birthday, Cormick! I don’t think I could possibly love you more!