Monday, March 15, 2010

worth the wait

Today our adoption was finalized! Cormick is officially ours. Greg came home with this little cake , so sweet. Believe or not, he does have some Irish in him! Our adoption journey ended today..1year, 6months and 27 days. I can finally say it was all worth the wait. Greg and I are truly blessed.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


My Dad used to call me sweetness when I was little. I think I can pass on the name to this cutie! My sweet sweet boy!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

the club

My girlfriends and I always say we could write a book on all the stupid things people say to you when you are trying to get pregnant. Who would have thought that the ignorant comments continue once you adopt. For the first few weeks people would comment on how great I looked for just having a child. It was flattering at first and I would smile and say that we adopted and that is why I look and feel wonderful. Well, 12 weeks later, it is getting a little annoying. Another comment that has got me in a fit, is the "welcome to the club" comments. One of Greg's family members actually said, " welcome to the club..see what you have been missing all these years." Are you serious? Like we were purposely not trying to have a family? I don't like these "club" comments one bit. It makes me feel like I did when I was going through treatments. Like you only belong if you can get pregnant and carry a child. So now that we have a child we can be a part of this exclusive club? Please. I don't feel a part of a fertile couple's club. I feel more a part of a community of adoptive parents that have struggled and prayed and hoped for their miracle to find them. Adoption is an experience I would never trade being pregnant for! That desire is long gone.