Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the cruise in review

Ok here goes...I decided to write this in a day by day format because there is just way too much to tell. The highlights will give you a good picture of our long awaited trip to the Mexican Riveria.

Day 1- Wednesday- San Diego- GORGEOUS! We had the best day here sightseeing all around. Ate some fish tacos, and other junk food (this is important).

Thursday- Greg wakes up at 2am with bad diarrhea. By 3 he is vomiting everything he ate the previous day. Is it food poisoning? The flu? He couldn't hold Pepto or Imodium down. Julie then starts to get diarrhea. WE both go in and out of the bathroom for the next 7 hours.Do I cancel the trip or do we get on board sick? We get on board with meds and Gatorade in hand. BAD BAD DAY!!!

Friday- During Bingo the Captain comes on to tell us our ship has a steering problem and we are going at such slow speeds that we are not going to make Acapulco or Ixtapa!! GREAT!! They will substitute for Manzanillo and Mazatlan.

Saturday- Finally getting appetites back. Now our Puerto Vallarta excursion to a private island has been cancelled due to "local logistics". Since we are arriving in PV a day early they can't take us to the island!

Sunday- at 1pm we arrive in Manzanillo. According to the ship shopper lady she says to either book an excursion or go to the spa. We take the free cruise shuttle to town. It was a DUMP. One hour and we are back on the boat.

Monday- PV- walked the boardwalk, got some nachos at Senor Frogs...finally some good food!

Tuesday- Mazatlan- another not so great place

Wednesday- Cabo- best stop of the trip- took water taxi out in some really rough water to see the arch, ate at Hard Rock and shopped. Beautiful day.

Thursday- so windy and cold couldn't lay out on the ship, had dinner at the Japanese restaurant on board. during dinner I break out into hives, welts all over my body from something I ate? $120 to see the doc on board so we say no, take benedryl and pray for the moring to come!! another BAD incident

Friday- caught early flight to DC on JetBlue (love them) and headed home!!

and that was the vacation!


Patti Rae said...

Just your luck.....Next time you need to take the Allman's so maybe your luck will be better =) I hope you spent some good together time is the mess of everything else... Sorry.

Stephanie said...

So sorry to hear that you had such a crappy experience with everything! Hope you are both feeling better!!!