Monday, December 3, 2007

Status of My Goals

As many of you know I set a few goals for myself during this deployment. Since we are halfway through I thought I would check in and let you know where I am. This might be a long post.

Goal #1- To run a 5K. CHECK! I am still running but I have started a new 5K program over at a faster pace. Dad said I look thinner so maybe it is paying off?

Goal #2- To read each night. Well I have finished 5 books. All chic lit but I love them. I am on my 6th book now. Greg and I have really tried to implement reading more into our daily life in Ohio. For some reason, TiVo always wins out. That will change when he returns.

Goal #3- To educate myself on adoption. This is probably the most interesting goal. I have attended two adoption conferences here in Virginia. One was a crash course into all the different types of adoption. This conference was great because I came out with an idea of what I would and wouldn't be comfortable with. The last seminar was strictly about Private Adoption. This is when you hire a lawyer and do not use an agency. The adoptive couple also does all of its own advertising. Surprisingly this is the route I feel the most drawn to. Maybe it is because you have more control over this type of adoption than the other options. However, with private adoption you do talk to and get to know the birth mother. Not sure how either of us feel about that situation. I have contacted an adoption attorney in Ohio and will look into agencies there also. Still more to learn and decide.

So there I am. Two months left. Please lets get through December and the holidays and then I think it might be downhill from there!

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Patti Rae said...

Sounds like you are staying busy. I'm glad you are half way done.... We wish you could come for the party too. I will send pictures.