Sunday, December 30, 2007


One thing I was really looking forward to this winter was Sundays with my dad. A few years ago we introduced him to Fantasy Football. Of course he is hooked just as much as we are. So every Sunday since I got home on September 16th we have sat in our recliners with our laptops on our laps devoting the day to football and our fantasy teams. Well, today Fantasy comes to an end. But not before crowning 2 Superbowl Champs in the Mills house!! Dad and I each won our leagues. How cool is that? Devotion pays off! Ok, a good draft and some really good luck helps too! Our Sundays won't end as we still have the playoffs to enjoy together. Football Sundays have been our special thing together and I cherish every moment of them.

White Nights and Hell's Kitchen #1!

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Patti Rae said...

That is so cool Julie, I'm glad you have this special time with your dad while Greg is gone. I know it helps with the sadness.... Miss ya!