Friday, February 22, 2008

reality bites

I don't really know where to start with this. I'll try to condense so the post isn't so long. My time at home was very fufilling. Probably, the first time in 4 years where I did not feel stressed about anything. Ohio equals reality. It didn't take long for the honeymoon to end and reality to sink back in. Our real estate taxes kicked in bumping up our mortgage, I filed the taxes which is just another reminder of all the money we spent last year trying to have a baby, only to have it fail. There are reminders all over this house of the last IVF cycle. Unused medication in the fridge. I can't throw $900 of medication in the trash can (literally), so there is sits in my crisper! Underneath my bathroom sink is my sharps container which consists of an old laundry detergent bottle now filled with used needles. And then there is the office. I am trying so hard to decorate it to be cheery and fun, but really I still look at it as our baby's nursery. I hate that I picked this house out when I was pregnant with all intentions of that room being for the baby. That leads me to this house. To me, this house is just a place that holds our stuff. It has never felt like home. However, it looks like this will be our "home" for at least another year. About 3 weeks before Greg returned he was propositioned with two job offers. One here, one in Florida. I'll make this short. His heart is with the one in Florida that is not guaranteed, but is his dream job. Everyone knows how much we want to move to Florida. The other job is here and he interviewed Tuesday for it and will meet with the Colonel on Monday.It is not his dream job by far, but it will lead to bigger and better things. I'll have to do another post on that topic.
I think we are both trying to adjust to being back here and not in our own little world for the past 5 months. We were able to escape reality and it was so nice. When we return from vacation I need to find my own way here. I need to do something that will make me happy and keep me busy. And maybe when I am feeling happy again I will call the doctor and plan our next steps.
Until then... we are headed to Mexico in 6 days!


Rich said...

Hey guys,
Reality may bite, but it's great to see you again I am glad you have returned to Ohio. I know for now the weather is not cooperating, but if you want to get out and run when it is, give me a call. We should look for a 5k or so in the June time frame and put it on the calendar. I know that would help keep me motivated and be something to look forward to. You'll have a great time escaping reality again on your vacation and I'll envy the sunshine and heat you will be in. Good luck to Greg on the job situation.

Alisha said...

I know it's an adjustment being back in Ohio. I'd be lying if I said I don't miss our weekly jaunts here in NOVA! But with time you will get settled again and new things will be upon you - new experiences, new opportunities, you never know what life will bring you. Just embrace it - home is where the heart is, and your heart is with Greg - that is all that matters!

Patti Rae said...

Greg and Julie,
I'm not going to pretend to know what to say...... So I will say what I know. We love you both and pray all the time for the both of you. We feel so lucky to have you in our lives and we await the next time we get to spend time with you........ Love, Patti.