Friday, February 1, 2008

a confession

I have to confess that I check my own blog each day just to see Greg's deployment ticker! We are down to seven days. This time next week I will be excited and anxious all wrapped up into one big ball of nerves going to pick him up! That is if all goes as planned. Right now they have no phone connection due to a broken cable somewhere in the middle east. Looks like it will be a few more days until he can call again. I have lots of reflections from this time apart, but that is a post for another day. Please keep Greg in your prayers as he travels back across the world to return home!


Stephanie said...

How exciting for you that you are down to a week!!! Definitely keeping you both in our prayers. Bet you can't wait for your cruise too:)

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled for you! i know you will be glad to have him home. I pray daily for you and the miracle of a child, however the Lord sees fit to put one in your lives. Enjoy your reunion! I am jealous - we still have 5 months to go, then it is off to Utah.

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!! I'd like to get a counter up too, but I don't have an exact return date.

Whoo-hoo, almost there!