Tuesday, July 15, 2008

great, i have eggs

Have you ever hoped for bad news? My test results came back from the AMH blood draw. Drum roll......2.5! Normal as normal can be!Dr. B said at .7 he would tell us to move on in another direction. 2.5???!!! This means I have eggs, they are not disappearing. I wish they were, then I would have an answer to why this is not working for us. The nurse asked if they could take our "case" to the staff meeting on the 30th and talk about it. I told her to go for it, but it doesn't change our decision to adopt. However, I am requesting genetic testing and praying that the military will pay for it. I just want to know why...maybe I should have opted for the amnio when we lost the baby. Maybe I would already have my answer?

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Patti Rae said...

This is happening for a reason, just don't loose sight of that. Keep me posted on the meeting.

Love ya.