Monday, October 13, 2008

we are fireproof!

I didn't write at all last week, but we did have a few accomplishments. On Thursday we met our social worker. It was a great meeting. We both really like her and feel very comfortable. I am not one bit nervous about her coming to the house and doing our interviews. I think it will be fine. We scheduled that visit for the 19th and then we will have one more meeting with her to sign off and we are done! Of course, we have to wait until Greg gets back in November to finish up, but that is ok. The social worker said we will be definitely finished by Thanksgiving! Our goal was to be all done by the first of the year, so we are ahead of schedule. This weekend we baby proofed the house and made sure all the outlets were covered, cabinets locked and the fire extinguisher handy! The fire inspection was today and we passed with flying colors!


Jamie said...

Yay!!! Doesn't it feel great to "pass with flying colors"!! :) Congratulations!

Jenn said...

Awesome!!! One more step down. That is great that you are ahead of your schedule for the first of the year.