Friday, November 14, 2008

not quite there

On Wednesday night we met with our social worker for our last home study visit! Basically, we just signed some papers, ate dinner and talked for a while. We feel so blessed to have had a wonderful home study experience! It was overwhelming at times, but in the end I actually kinda liked it! I can't say we are "certified" yet because our last reference arrived at the agency today and now she will write the final copy and send it to the agency. This agency will in turn send to the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services and then onto our placement agency in Florida! I'm waiting for the fee that will be tacked onto my home study having to do all this traveling. So now we wait... Luckily I am super busy with work (way more demanding than I thought it would be!) and planning the Resolve conference. Hopefully, it will make the wait go by faster! I'm very nervous for the wait and wondering how long it will be before I start to get really frustrated!


Leslee said...

Congratulations on completing the home study!!!

emilythehopeless said...

congrats!!! :)