Sunday, March 15, 2009

basic baby care

Yesterday Greg and I spent the day as students! We had signed up for a Basic Baby Care and CPR class for adoptive parents. It was so nice being able to be in a room full of couples that are adopting and not ready to pop! The woman that taught the class is an adoptive parent herself and taught and told us things that she wished she had known before her daughter came home. She refused to prepare for her child, so when they got the call that her daughter was here and ready to be brought home, she had nothing. She had not even told work that this might happen!
She asked us when the best time to prepare is and I said when you are matched. Turns out that is the worst time to prepare! She feels the best time to prepare is now. That way you are getting ready for YOUR child and not a specific one, if a match should fail. Greg however, is not ready to prepare. I think if I ease him and myself in slowly it will start to feel ok. Maybe I can get him to buy a Harley Davidson onesie this weekend!


Jamie said...

Hi Julie :)
YES! I have to agree. :) We started working on things once we were a waiting family and I have to say that if we had waited until we were matched I would have been totally stressed out! haha! :) Even more than I already was! Everyone has to handle these things the way they are comfortable, but I would what you feel comfortable with now. :)
GOod luck!! I think a HD onesie would be a perfect way to start!

Tracey said...

I read this post and you are in my prayers that you are matched soon.

Check out my 3 and 1/2 month old (through open adoption) just got his first Harley Davidson!

God Bless.

Tracey said...

We took our basic baby care class at a hospital and the parenting classes were offered at the adoptive agency.

We still haven't done the CPR class. Your ahead of me.

Wendy said...

We're working on things now while we are waiting. Our caseworker said not to work on things when you're matched. The idea is that then you're working on things for a specific baby and if it doesn't work out, it's much harder to look at everything you've bought (with that specific baby in mind.)

We're also looking into adoption announcements, pediatricians, etc. Trying to feel prepared!

Good luck!