Thursday, March 26, 2009

a bump in the road

I have been so busy that I forgot to post about the letter we received in the mail. It was from our agency. Basically it stated that with the economy there has been a decrease in adoptions. I would think the opposite, but ok. Also birthmothers are asking for more money towards expenses. Our agency recommended increasing your cap, if your budget allows. One positive thing in the letter was that they have stopped accepting applications. Good for us since we have already been waiting seven months.
I emailed our agency about another issue, and I asked her how the letter effects us personally. In reference to increasing our cap, she said we were fine. We have enough cushion in there to provide expenses. That was good to hear!
Next weekend at the conference, I have an adoption consultant coming to speak from FL. I am going to pick her brain about why the sudden decrease in birthmothers.
Our agency has also increased the amount of advertising. So we will now be featured on a national website! I will post the link on the blog once we are live.
So a little bump in the road. I really was not upset by the letter since Greg is leaving and I know our wait is going to be long no matter what now.


Tracey said...

God has your baby, he's just not ready yet....I know it still doesn't help.

Mrs H said...

Hmm...The agencies and facilitators we have talked to have said because of the economy there is an increase in BM's and a decrease in families that can afford to adopt. Sometimes I feel like no one really knows anything!