Friday, August 28, 2009

the inquiry

Wow. Amazing. Courageous. Beautiful. All words to describe the letter we received from a birthmom! There are so many more adjectives, I could go on and on. Yesterday, our agency forwarded an inquiry that came through from our online profile. It was written by a 24 year old who is 20 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. I literally could not get through the letter because tears were streaming down my face. I kept thinking, someone this great is actually writing this to us?! In a nutshell, she and the birth father have chosen adoption because they cannot provide some of the things they want for their child. They live on the opposite side of the country from us and not even in the same state as our agency. Today I composed a short email and sent it to them. I pray they write us back and I pray that if this is the child meant for us, then they will know. Greg and I were able to talk over the computer last night and both agreed that we couldn't ask for better birthparents.
Ladybugs are believed to be good luck in the adoption community. It was once noted that a swarm of referrals for Chinese adoptions happened right after a ladybug infestation in our nation. Today I remembered that a ladybug landed on my car window this week when I was leaving school. I paused and prayed that meant something. A day or two later, we get this inquiry.


Devon said...

That is so cool!I will think about you ever time I see a ladybug now!

G & H said...

That gives me a chills! That so amazing! Will be keeping you in prayer!

Jessica said...

I always think the same thing about seeing ladybugs - I just love them! I'll be praying for you that this inquiry is a match. Best wishes.

Jamie said...

soooo hopeful and excited for you guys......the ladybug story brought tears to my eyes.....yes, there truly is a plan and i'm optimistic that this is the one for yoU! :)praying praying that it IS!!

kimberly said...

keeping you in heart and prayers, julie.....think of you so often....hoping for your miracle.