Friday, August 27, 2010

forever changed

Isn't funny how your life can change in an instant? One year ago today I received an email that would change my life forever. I was sitting at home alone in Ohio as Greg was in Afghanistan. I opened my email to find a message from our agency. They forwarded me an email from a birthmom instead of replying back to her on their own, they wanted me to read it because she had spent so much time and effort writing it. I sat on the couch balling my eyes out while I read her words. Shaking, I called everyone I knew and of course no one was home! It was early in the morning in Afghanistan so Greg would be the last to hear! I remember thinking it was the most beautiful words I had ever read. After contacting my agency, I emailed the birthcouple and the rest is history. As Cormick's birthmom said to me yesterday," It all turned out just the way God wanted it to."

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Jamie said...

just reading this brought tears to my eyes. ;) what a beautiful beautiful day! i'll never forget the day our call came too.....amamzing. :)