Saturday, October 9, 2010

october 9th

Today is the anniversary of our first baby's passing. It's been four years since that horrible horrible day when we found out our baby's heart stopped beating. I thought I would never recover from that loss. But today, four years later, I was actually able to enjoy the day with friends and get this...go to a baby shower! Wow...progress! I'll never forget this day or that time in our life. My hope now is that our little angel is with my Dad. He couldn't be here to meet our son, but I hope he is being the best Grandaddy to our little one in heaven!


Jamie said...

oh julie ~ tears just well up in my eyes reading this.....the second time we became pregnant through ivf my due date was oct. 9th.
we share sadness on this day ~ thinking of you and so glad that your heart is making progress and that you get to hold your sweet baby boy anytime you want to!! :)

tubelessstl said...

here from LFCA. Hugs to you for those moments that are hard. I know time eases the pain, but we will never forget. Our angels are watching over us.

Kelly said...

Stopping by from LFCA. I'm thinking of you today.