Friday, April 4, 2008

april 4th

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my due date. I am not as sad today as I was this day last year, but my heart is still heavy. Greg and I received this poem at our adoptive parenting class on Tuesday. I thought it was somewhat appropriate for today.

Today I closed the door of the nursery
I had kept for you in my heart

I can no longer stand in its doorway.
I have waited for you there so long.
I cannot forever live on the periphery
of the dream world we share, and you
cannot enter my world.

I have fought to bring you across the
threshold of conception and birth.
I have fought time, doctors, devils and
God Almighty.
I am weary and there is no victory.

Other children may someday live in my
heart but never in your place.

I can never hold you. I can never really
let you go. But I must go on.

The unborn are forever trapped within the
Living, but it is unseemly for the Living
to be trapped forever by the unborn


Stephanie said...

Wow! What a powerful poem. How did the adoptive parenting class go?

Kymberli said...

That is truly a powerful poem. Thinking of you as you remember.

Patti Rae said...

Greg and Julie,

You are in my thoughts and prayers always.
How did the calss go and what do you think aobut it?