Monday, April 7, 2008

round 3

Here we go again. Had an ultrasound this morning and I am right on track, so shots start tonight. Thought I would post this picture of my FET meds. Funny thing is, this is not as many I usually have for a fresh IVF cycle!


Patti Rae said...


We will be praying for you tonight.

Anonymous said...
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Rich said...

Great new picture by the water. Wish you all the best.

Brett said...

I'm adding 2 more Rx- but for all of us- prayers and positive thinking! We love you guys. Keep your heart happy and open and what will be will be- I'm so proud of you for being open to all paths to motherhood- the right one will find you! ash

Lynn said...

Found your through Patti.

I too struggled for years with this issue. After many years, 8 to be exact, the Lord gave us an amazing baby boy through adoption. We have had him since 2 days. He's 14.

I can relate to some of your pain. We stopped pursuing our treatment after our son was 2 years old. It hurt to make that decision, but we felt the Lord was saying "your quiver is full." We are so happy.

I will be praying for you my dear. It will draw you and your husband closer than you can even imagine if you keep the Lord first.

Lord bless,
john 15