Monday, April 6, 2009

the fourth of april

Our conference was a success! The day went as smooth as it possible could and we got great reviews from our Headquarters representative! A few couples came up and personally thanked either me or Jenn and told us how much they needed what they experienced Saturday. I know all our hard work helped those that were there that day and in the end, that is what I wanted.

Personally, I was doing great all day until Jenn texted me late that night to tell me she had been thinking of my due date all day and that my angel would be proud of me. I lost it! It was the first time that day that I let myself think of our baby. And then I thought of Jenn's babies. Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day here. I know our little ones were shining down on us. If it weren't for the babies we have both lost, we would not know each other and we would never have done what we accomplished this weekend!


Patti Rae said...

I did think about you all weekend. I didn't want to say anything because of how busy you were. I am thinking of you and so proud of you!

Jamie said...

julie ~ you are so brave and strong. I'm so glad that your conference went well and that your hard efforts pleased so many. :) congratulations and give yourself a great big hug! i know the thought of the babies we have lost can be so painful ~ (this is only my feeling about it) there's a part of me that truly believes the little angel soul that I lost now smiles at me each morning when he wakes up. :)
hang in there and thank you for making a difference!