Monday, October 5, 2009

our perfect match

Our perfect match has found us! My trip to visit the birth couple was absolutely amazing. I only wish Greg could have been there to meet them in person. I've become so attached that it was very hard for me to leave them. They do have a very good support system, I just felt horrible that I had to go back home. I can’t express how thankful I am that I will actually be able to tell our child that I knew his birthparents. I will be able to tell him exactly what they are like and how much they love him. This entire experience has been a lesson to me in trusting God and knowing that he is the one in control. I know that there is a plan for all of us, but now I am actually able to see it unfold and truly believe it. For all those years of heartache, these feelings we are having are totally worth it! My only struggle now is wondering how I will ever be able to thank them enough for making me a mother and Greg a father. In January, our dream of becoming parents and raising a child together will come true!


Jamie said...

i am just sooooo happy for you. i felt the same way when we found our match.....there is a plan and i'm so happy you are feeling the grace of god's plan in your life right now. :) much love ~

AK Forever said...

Julie and Greg, I am soooo happy for you both. I am so glad that you will be parents soon. I am so happy that for you both to receive such a great blessing and that you stood in faith. We love you and are so happy for all