Tuesday, September 11, 2007

BulletProof Sunglasses

I hope everyone has taken some time today to remember all the heroes of September 11th. I know you all have your flags flying!:) I'll never forget that morning when Heather called us at 5am in Alaska to wake up and turn on our TVs.One hour later,the call came through for Greg to high tail it to work and the rest is history. Greg has completed 3 deployments since September 11th, 2001. And now the countdown begins again!
Greg will be heading out soon for #4. We spent the weekend buying extra uniforms and going through all the checklists. As we were rearranging bags, he pulls out these sunglasses and puts them on. I thought he looked ridiculous, but then he says, "These can take a bullet right through the center and not break." OK, all the sudden they didn't look so bad! Bulletproof sunglasses, who knew? Let's just hope those stay in their box! Once he gets settled over there I will post all his info in case anyone wants to drop him a line or send some goodies. In the meantime, our good friends arrive on Thursday night and then we are heading to Tampa on Monday to see some more of our favorite people. We need to get in a water fix!


Danielle Mondloch said...
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Danielle Mondloch said...

I happen to know who those "good friends" are that are arriving this evening. =)