Thursday, September 20, 2007

Friends, Florida & Family

Greg and I have met so many people between Alaska, New Mexico and now Ohio. We've been lucky to form strong friendships in each one of these states.Greg and I feel so blessed to have true, genuine friends in our life. Friends, that are there for you no matter where you live. Friends that make you a better person when you are around them. Friends that know just the right thing to say or not to say when you are at the lowest of lows.

The Allmans and the Hilliards are these type of friends. Maybe that is why I love to go down to Florida and see them. Both of these families were so thoughtful and caring when we lost our baby. I've said many of times that losing our child was a real wake up call for me. Our TRUE friends emerged and shined more brightly then ever before. Patti and Tom Allman show Greg and I what a true solid marriage is all about. They restore our faith in GOD when we seem to forget that there is a plan for us. Kayla is their gorgeous 15 year old who is a testament to their outstanding parenting! She is typical teenager who loves her girlfriends, playing sports etc, but she is grounded with good morals and values.

Andy and Silvia are another awesome couple with their two little ones Nina and Naya. I think Greg admires Andy and his dedication to his family. Greg constantly makes comments about what a great father he is to the girls and how hard he works. Silvia has the job I long for. She is a very educated woman but took time off to be a mother. Besides being a wonderful patient mother, she has been a great friend to me. Silvia always takes the time to ask how I am doing and holding up with these struggles we face. Andy and Silvia were the first to send us flowers after the baby. I didn't know anyone would do that for us. But when I read the card and saw they were from them I wasn't really surprised. We just looked at each other and said, " They are so great."

And so our trip to Tampa ended this morning, but we surrounded ourselves with these good people and had a wonderful time. Being around these two families just makes us want one of our own even more. Going to high school games and chasing two little ones around the house is what we long for. Thank you guys, for always being there for us and showing us what family is all about!

"A friend is one who strengthens you with prayers, blesses you with love and encourages you with hope."


Patti Rae said...

Greg and Julie,
Thank you for the kind words... You guys are wonderful friends and as much as we lift your spirits, you lift ours even more. Kayla has not stopped talking about you guys and already misses you..... We love you both very much, see you in December Julie. =)

Silvia said...

Hey guys,

You must have been talking about somebody else here, not us.... Ha! You are way too sweet and give us way too much credit, more than we deserve! Thank you though, in any case!

My heart breaks when you talk about children and how much you want one. I think you and Greg will make one of the best parents in the world and it will be sooner rather than later. I just know it.

Take care of yourselves and let us know if you decide to make a trip down to FL.

Keep in touch.

Silvia & Andy