Wednesday, October 17, 2007

100 days and carepackage info!

Greg has been gone 20 days! It feels like at least 50! It will probably be a little more than 100 left but at least I can start counting now! :) A few of you have asked what to send him in a care package. I've been thinking a lot and have come up with a few things. I will list here.

1. Air Fresheners (plug ins) his room is a nightmare
2. Magazines (he already gets SCUBA, MAXIM, STUFF, MEN's JOURNAL) he loves Men's Health, Kiplingers, Money, anything like Consumer Reports or anything with college or NFL football.
3. Candy- Twizzlers, Starburst, Skittles- he's not really a chocolate person
4. Old DVD's that you don't want anymore or that he could return to you.
5. Here is a big one! IF you live in an area that sells TastyKakes. The brand TastyKakes, he LOVES them. We can't buy them in Ohio. BUT PhillyFlava in Tampa (patti) has them. He likes the Butterscotch Krimpets. I looked here today, no luck in the butterscotch.

I will post more if he sends out any hints of what he needs. He's not as "secluded" as usual so there is access to most of what he needs. Most of all I know he would just love to hear from everyone. He totally does not expect any packages.But I know they are fun to put together, especially during the holidays. It took about 5 days business days for my packages to get there.

I hope this helps! Thank you in advance!

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