Friday, October 12, 2007

"I Regret to Inform You"

I guess in all the hubbub of Greg leaving I forgot to post about this. I received a certified letter last Friday from the 88th Medical Group from Wright Patterson. To be honest, I was a little freaked out. I was thinking maybe in all the blood draws we had done maybe something came back funky, or they just found something. I had no clue what this letter could be about.

Well, you know it is bad news when you see " I regret to inform you". Long story short they have put the IVF program on INDEFINITE HOLD!! So this means everyone (us) that is on the waiting list to have IVF through the base is out of luck. Good news (sarcastically) is that we keep our place in line IN CASE they reinstate it. This is horrible! This is the sole reason we came to Wright Patterson. Well at least that is what we thought. I am so thankful that my impatience took over and we went to a civilian RE in May. If not we would have wasted a year and would not have our 3 little guys waiting and would be back to square one. My heart breaks for those that have been sitting on that list for years and now have to start all over again. I could maybe understand if it was FREE and the government was cutting costs, but it isn't. Basically you save $2000-$3000 in medicine because they will let you get them for free through the base.

It is just a shame. I figured I would call in a few weeks when things calm down to see where our place really is in line. As of December 06 we were on for November 2008 ( you can see why my patience ran out). Last I heard we were moved to May of 2008, but I need to confirm.

Anyway, this just adds to the roller coaster ride of infertility. Nothing like your IVF program getting cancelled!I am SO SO SO happy Jenn referred us to Dr. B!!

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In Search of Morning Sickness said...

That makes me so mad!!! Why did they stop IVF at Wright Patt????? Is the dr deployed??? What's the deal! I am glad you went to a civ RE too.. Sometime the military sucks. I've had a good experience w/ WHMC, but traveling 1000 miles for IVF (or IUI, in the past) is an extra pain on top of such a hard experience.
Good for you being proactive.