Monday, January 14, 2008

The Prayer of an Airman's Wife

Greg sent me this today. As of yesterday he is the acting commander for the largest Contracting Squadron in the AOR. His commander is home for his 2 week R&R. Think he is wanting some prayers?

The Prayer of the Airman's Wife

Make clear my airman's path of victory,
That it is sure and swift.
Grant him strength of spirit and body,
That he may defeat each enemy.
Give him vision to see his duty,
That it is done as it should be.
And grant him comfort and peace,
That he may know his work is just.

But most of all, Lord, keep him safe,
That he may soon return –
To the family, country, and freedom
That his courage protects.

God bless America and
God bless my Airman!

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Patti Rae said...

I like this Julie, I'm going to place it on my blog....Miss ya!