Tuesday, September 30, 2008

checking off the list

One thing down...lots left. We got fingerprinted today. I left Greg in charge of calling the sheriff's office to find out times and price. We met there at 3:30, 15 minutes before they close. Comes to find out they only take cashier checks or money orders. NICE! Greg heard "check" and there I went with a personal check in hand. After a little squabble walking back to the car we made our way to another fingerprinting place. Ohio is back logged so now they are saying no less than 30 days for the results. Funny thing is, I have my results sitting here from my Dept. of Ed. background check! No, they don't count! One thing less to do! I hope to have lots finished before our first meeting next week.

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Jamie said...

Hang in there Julie :) The amount of items on the list to check off for adoption is unbelievable, isn't it?! But I assure you....it will get done and ironically there may be times when you wish you still had a form to fill out or another paper to write because the time spent waiting will drive you crazy! :) It's always "hurry up and wait", right?? :)