Thursday, September 25, 2008


The second set of homestudy paperwork came today. I feel like we are being examined with a fine tooth comb. On my list of things to do for next week is a call to our local fire department for our house inspection. How many of you have an escape plan posted? Just one of the many ridiculous items listed!
As I was walking in the social worker was calling. She seems really nice, lives about 50 miles from here so we meet her half way for our first visit and then the next two will be at our house. I went ahead and scheduled the first visit. It will be October 9th, which is not too far away! Then I sat down and realized October 9th is the anniversary of our baby passing. Now 2 years later we are meeting for our homestudy. I can't believe it. I am happy about where we are now, but the hurt is still there. Not sure if I have shared this here or not, but I am Co-Chairing the RESOLVE Ohio Family Building Conference for 2009. We have finally set a date and wouldn't you know the only date available at the hotel is April 4th. That would be my due date. Why does everything have to fall on an anniversary? So on the 2nd anniversary of my due date I will be hosting the conference. Hopefully I will make it through the day without having a break down! I'm trying to look at it as a way to honor our child by doing something that is so important to me and has been so beneficial in my journey to build a family.

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jmpoesch said...

There's a reason and meaning for everything - think of these as the markers for a new beginning!