Monday, September 8, 2008

small update

In between the other 8 million things I had to do today and feeling under the weather, I was able to contact our agency. The expecting birthmom has not chosen her family yet. I understand it is a huge decision and some may take a day and some weeks. Agency did say they will let us know either way. In other news, Greg has started his new job at the IG, my job is good as long as I am with the students and not the staff! I witnessed a child being hit upside the head by a teacher on Friday. I was sitting next to her talking and wham she hits this kid because he wasn't sitting still. If we didn't need the money for the adoption I would be out of there in a heart beat. If I haven't sacraficed my body enough, now my mental health!


Patti Rae said...

Well, that is good to know you will hear one way or the other....I hope all goes well with Greg, he deserves it......

Now..........what in the can this be okay???? The teacher didn't get fired!!!!!!!!!

jmpoesch said...

OMG - can they get away with that because they are a private school???

Good news re the no news yet. Fingers are still crossed!