Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Beginning

A few months ago I sat down and wrote out our infertility journey. For some reason it just helped to write it all out. I thought I would share so everyone knows a little about the steps we have taken so far. Here is the first part..............

After six years of dating, we walked down the aisle on June 16, 2001. A young military couple, we started our new journey together. We always knew we wanted to have a family, but our careers came first. Greg, an Air Force Officer and Julie an elementary school teacher, we decided to wait a few years before adding children to our lives.
In December 2003, we moved to Albuquerque, NM from Fairbanks, AK and it seemed like perfect timing. I wouldn’t apply for a job; I’d get pregnant and be a stay at home mom. Who knew that we would have any problems? We tried on our own for a little over a year before seeking help. In June of 2005, the base doctor referred us to a civilian specialist. We finally felt like we were in the best care possible. Unaware of any of the costs involved, we moved forward, went through all the testing. Greg’s analysis reported everything normal except 4% morphology. My entire tests came back normal.
We proceeded with 3 IUI’s(artficial insemenations) with Chlomid in the fall of 2005. They were all unsuccessful. Frustration, disappointment, financial and emotional strain started to take a toll on the both of us. What the heck was wrong with us? I couldn’t believe that the morphology was the only thing preventing us from conceiving. As tensions grew stronger in our household the Air Force was ready to send Greg on another deployment. It was a blessing in disguise. We needed the break from treatments. When he returned five months later we were both refreshed and ready to dive into the world of Invitro!

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