Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sleepless in Dayton

I felt bad I had not posted the pic of Amy and Alisha's roses. I am up doing some entries for AOL and finally dumped some pictures off my camera and these were on there. Greg is in South Carolina for the little conference/training thing for commanders and flight chiefs deploying. Usually the first few days/week he is gone I can't sleep. Hence why it is after 10pm and I am up on the computer.
Greg told me today that deployments are moving to 6 months long and every 18 months. So you will be home for a year than gone 6 months. Of course he immediately added up how many years he will be deployed if he stays in for the next 12. What do I even say to that? All I want to think about is him coming home tomorrow night and us making the best out of the last 4 weeks we have together.

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