Thursday, August 23, 2007

Only GOD Knows

In January of 2007, we were ready to proceed again with treatments. Since the military has a long waiting list for IVF we agreed to do a few IUI’s with injections in the meantime. After four unsuccessful IUI’s, we reevaluated our situation. Greg and I met with the military RE, he agreed to run more testing on us. All which came out normal. Once again, more frustration sets in as we were hoping that an answer would appear.
In July 2007, we started another IVF journey with yet another civilian RE. Mixed emotions ran through, as I was excited that we could conceive again, I was guarding my heart as I do not want to lose another child.
On July 31, 2007 Dr. B retrieved 6 eggs. I was disappointed. Since we went aggressive with the meds I thought we would get more. Turns out the quality means more than quantity because when the nurse called the next day surprisingly ALL 6 eggs fertilized. Amazing. I couldn't believe it, I was on cloud nine all day. I had not been that happy in so long.
The embryo transfer was August 3, 2007. Two beautiful 8 cell embryos were transferred and we were lucky to have 3 embryos left to freeze. Again, we were so happy and thankful that 3 embryos survived.
August 16, 2007 was my pregnancy test. Once again, my body has to let me know the answer before I even get to the blood test. I started spotting and cramping and I knew the IVF had failed. Greg stayed positive and optimistic but I was not. 16 is usually our lucky number also it was my Grandmother's birthday. Well, not so lucky this year. I got a BFN. Crushed again. The money is gone and my husband is leaving in 5 weeks to deploy. What will be our next step? Guess you have to keep coming back to this blog to find out!
This has been our journey so far. We know we will be parents one day. How our children will come to us, only GOD knows.


Jenn said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!! I will make sure to bookmark your site.

Rich said...

Hi Julie,
Jenn shared the link with me. Reading your story made my hear heavy. I am still amazed at how many people are going through the exact same struggles and emotions, even though you feel like you are the only one. On a happier note, that picture of St. Thomas is beautiful. I look forward to your updates.

pattiallman said...

Julie, we love you both and can't wait to see you guys. I hope we get to live close to one another again......

akmomma said...

Thank you for sharing your story. I have been wondering what you 2 were up to. I am sorry Greg is leaving again. John has been gone 11 1/2 weeks. We are trying get his mid-tour firmed up but tickets from Korea are really expensive. I have a blog also I will keep checking back and see how you are doing.
Blessings! Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi greg and julie! I think a blog is a great idea. I will make sure to check it often and I'm sure Jason will too (I'm sure you'll be on his stalknet). Love, Devon

Ashley said...

I hope this will be theraputic for you Julie. It has been a tough road but I hope that through your blog you will be able to support many other young families going through the same experience and you may help other feel comforted and strong. Miss you guys!