Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Surprise $$$

And no that is not Surprise we got money, that would be Surprise! you owe $450 to the lab! WHAT? A nice little bill came in the mail yesterday. I was billed for a HCG and a progesterone level. Both which I thought were included in the IVF package. Obviously everyone is going to have a pregnancy test so why would it not be included? The progestrone I thought we had prepaid. I was also billed twice for my platlet count and blood clotting times. All of which I wasn't expecting to pay but swallowed the fact that I have to. From now on I will be on Heparin which is a blood thinner and therefore they have to check to make sure you are clotting appropriately.
I immediately called the nurse and they were closed. I am waiting for a return call to get this straightened out. It would have been nice to have the option to go to base and get my labs for FREE!
My plan was to take Greg to Tampa for a few days before he leaves. However, our Tampa trip might be going to CompuNet Laboratories!

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In Search of Morning Sickness said...


I just found your site on Mel's Lost & Found and the fact that you were labeled "IVF and Deployment" keyed in my interest (we are Air Force, expecting deployment endof Nov).

I'm sorry about the lab charging you. I don't know how to get them not to, but when I've had to get same-day results I go to the local hospital instead of the base, since they take 10 days to get results there.

I've always had a doc AT the base write out the blood test request for the hospital and not been charged. I think if it gets coded "infertility" rather than "ivf" TriCare will cover it, since it's to diagnose and treat IF, but not necessarily with IVF. Not sure, but you may want to look into that. I'm guessing if your (civ, I assume?) RE ordered it, it showed up in the system wrong. Maybe you can talk to them so they don't do it in the future.

I realize you probably got it figured out by now anyway, but just wanted to say hello. Depolyments are so rough, I'm sorry on top of IF you have that too.